Who We Are?

OG is a business strategic information provider covering all current pressing issues and novel topics in the international business arena.

OG provides customised in-house training and consulting services to financial institutions, telecoms and utilities organisations internationally, covering from service to manufacturing organisations, from government to private sector.

For several decades OG has acted as a bridge between the world of expert knowledge and the world of clients’ needs and business priorities. Clients turn to OG for insight on the best of the available global business intelligence.

Over the years, we have expanded our core training competencies in response to emerging trends. We challenge ourselves every day to expand our knowledge in a rapidly evolving marketplace, and to help educate others on the most contemporary thinking in the field.

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What We Do?

OG is set to harness the synergies of various products and services globally to package and offer innovative and efficient solutions to its various customers at highly competitive pricing.

We work with a wide and varied spectrum of top international experts and trainers who have been proven to be leaders of professional breakthroughs and are willing to share their expertise with those eager to learn

We do interact through a multiple-level business podium which allows for beneficial business arrangements branching out to various long-term specialty consultancies

We give our customers a competitive edge with our diverse operational experience and an unrivalled partnership with internationally renowned experts, aligned with global benchmarks and best practices.

trainer gives lot of relatable examples, very organizing and able to translate our questions into great feedback. A great sense of humour helped the session a great deal

Strategy and Services?

Our Vision

To become an indispensable premier business information provider in the global marketplace by making expert knowledge timely accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

To provide superior business decision support services that empower our clients to succeed.

Our Products and Services

Our products and services have a long history in their markets and a reputation for being trustworthy, reliable and leading providers of crucial information.

In keeping with our global philosophy, OG’s mission is to continuously deliver superior products and services to our customers, and commit to improving and strengthening these offerings and their underlying content.

Nowhere else in the world is there such an exciting combination of expanding markets, new technologies, innovative ideas and revolutionary business methods. OG is at the forefront of this epochal growth, providing information products and services to help clients’ businesses expand and take advantage of global opportunities.

In-house Events

We also augment our product range with regular in-house events, seminars and workshops. Offers opportunities for our customers to engage in an open discussion that allows them to explore the intricacies of the information while interacting with their colleagues and learning from each other’s experiences.

The Future

Marketplace business conundrums are our opportunities. We thrive in offering the best in-house solutions to our clients ‘ training challenges. As technology continues to make astounding advances in our lives today, we believe that it gives us new, creative ways of meeting our customers’ practical needs.

a totally different training. I’m enjoying the time spent here

very good training, serves as a boast to improve quality of work and private life

looking forward to next training
Manager - G TOWER

by far, most enjoyable training


Our Corporate Culture

Customer focus

We develop products and services with our customers’ needs in mind. We closely listen to our customers and treat them with professionalism, honesty and respect.


We create novel and forward-looking solutions that combines the latest technological trends with our experts’ unmatched domain expertise and deep recognition of our customers.


We take full responsibility for our actions and performance, and for meeting our customers’ needs and partners’ expectations. We discharge the contracts at the fullest by providing more that what is promised.

Professional Integrity

We command direct, honest, transparent and fair business dealings. We are open to diversity and receptive to others’ points of view.


We strive to create value for all parties involved in our dealings through an unequivocal commitment to excellence and distinction.


We work together with our employees, partners and customers to meet our business goals.

first time attending the training and already very impressed

optiway global is good in choosing the trainer
Senior Executive - AM BANK

optiway global is good training organiser and friendly
Manager - PETRONAS

Our Business Process

Our business process reflects out total preoccupation with customer feedback, at the start of business dealings and tailoring of the products, during the implementation as well as after post-implementation. Customer feedback interacts and directs each of the touch points of the operations process.

Our Team

Our team comprises of both experienced trainers and business consultants who radiate the win-win business attitude in their interactions with clients, partners and among themselves.

Our Partners

In order to provide the highest levels of quality and promptitude we have allied with a number of serious partners which are ready to intervene at any moment for the intact implementations of our solutions.

a very interactive, personalised and engaging workshop. I wish we have another day of it

it is the best course ever
Manager - BANK ISLAM

very interesting training by a very experienced trainer


Our Business Operations Overview

Strong customer orientation and competitively priced products are the foundation of our business and stand at the core of our success. Our unique selling proposition stems from our tailored products and services matching our each client’s business scenario and aligning to its specific needs. We do focus on the following domains:

✤  Banking & Finance ✤  Corporate strategy ✤  Health, Safety & Environment ✤  Human Resources ✤  Engineering ✤  IT ✤  Maintenance ✤  Management & Leadership ✤  Manufacturing ✤  Marketing & Sales ✤  Oil & Gas ✤  Purchasing and Supply Chain ✤  Turbines, Boilers, Generators ✤  Customer Service ✤  Telecommunications

very informative , enthusiastic on the subject matter and engaging the participants to learn and share from each other