Employee Engagement Survey

A positive attitude towards the organization and its values

Engagement Factors:

  • Leadership climate
  • Career advancement
  • Job Motivation
  • Mission and purpose
  • Communication
  • Customer focus
  • Customised client factors

Respondent Demography

Job Related Respondents


Overall Engagement Index

Engagement Index by Gender

Engagement Index by Department

Engagement Index by Position

Overall Engagement Score


  • Stars: Employees who love their job and do not have much grievances towards the company
  • Benchwormers: Employees who love their job but have some grievances towards the company
  • Disconected: Employees who are hesitate/not able to seek other opportunities
  • Free Agents: Employees who are at risk in leaving the company



  • Green Zone: Dimension factor is performing well with these items. 
  • Best Opportunity to Gain: These items are highly related to engagement, but were rated low. These items offer best opportunity for improving engagement. 
  • Maintain: These items are highly related to Engagement, and were rated favourably. Emphasis on these items may help improve engagement. 
  • Minimal Impact: Improvement in these items may help with the overall work environment, but would have little impact on engagement.

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