Customer Service In House Training

Customer service training is important to any organization and business, despite the size or place of operation. Almost all companies are in constant search for best ways to improve customer service.

Benefits of such improvement can be expressed in simple equation:

Customer service training –› Improving customer service quality –› Client satisfaction –› Repeated business

If you are looking for best customer service training, talk to us. We specialize in developing and delivering customized in house trainings.

Each topic we will redesign, develop and customize based on your need and requirements

Core Customer Service Training courses:

  • Calming Upset Customers
  • Creating A Culture Of Service Excellence
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Help Desk Master Class
  • Customer Loyalty Training
  • Customer Service Management
  • Customer Service Master Class
  • Customer Service Operations Training
  • Developing & Maintaining Customer Satisfaction
  • Effective Customer Complaint Management
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction Training
  • Managing Churn in Telcos
  • Service Excellence Training
  • Voice Of The Customer
 customer service training  

Our Customer Service training materials consists:

  • Course outline, which is divided in different modules. Each course outline usually has 3-4 modules per day.
  • Training Manual, which is a workbooks or material needed during the training and after the training. This includes books, questionnaires, exercises, case studies and so on.
  • PowerPoint presentation slides are prepared to assist trainer to deliver the course.
  • Other tools. There might be other tools needed, depending on the nature of the training. For example if there will be a practical experiment conducted during the workshop.