Financial Modelling For Project Finance In Power & Utilities


This dives deep into understanding of project finance planning and modelling and provides tools and skill sets needed to analyse and assess projects finance in energy sector. It aims creation and development of sophisticated and robust project finance models. During the course participants will build a financial model step by step to suit their job scope.


  • Structure a project finance model
  • Calculate capital expenditure and construction timelines
  • Understand the key contracts and structures involved in project financing
  • Examine project revenue structures Build operational cashflow statements
  • Develop debt tracking accounts
  • Discover the key ratios used in project finance and how to calculate them in a financial model Model a range of financing structures, including cash sweeps, refinancing and bullet loans
  • Build in sensitivity analysis to your models


  • Introduction to the modelling exercise
  • What is involved in building a financial model?
  • Good modelling practice
  • Assumptions required for construction phase calculations
  • Modelling the effects of inflation
  • Using lookup functions
  • Construction phase funding
  • Circular references
  • Modelling project revenues
  • Project Revenue Structures
  • Operating revenue assumptions
  • Setting up the operating costs calculations
  • Modelling taxation
  • Determining the project’s debt capacity
  • The effects of the credit crisis on financial modelling
  • How to construct a cashflow statement Key funding ratios
  • Model optimisation
  • Techniques for project appraisal
  • Use of macros
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Output from financial model
  • Modelling in multiple currencies
  • Risk assessment