Leaders are not born, but developed. Leaders do make changes. Leadership acts as secondary function of true leadership. It relies on less tangible and measurable things such as trust, inspiration, attitude, decision-making or character.

Leadership class development is not only designated for employees but also for students. Most problems with students are that they will face people problem when they venture out. Leadership for student focused on developing communication skills, team building skills, time management skills, planning and executing strategy skills. Leadership class is aimed to get students out from their shells and develop well rounded personality.

Essay contest can be held in a leadership class. Discuss with students about leadership and organize an essay contest about their role model. Make it compulsory and let the best essay be read in front of the class.

Speech contest is also a good way to promote leadership qualities in students in leadership class. Give various topics to the student and time for them to prepare. Organize a question and answer session about the topic and grade students on how well they understand their points.

Create groups of two to three students for project exhibition contest and ask them to present on the related topic.

Divide your class into teams of four and hold a debate contest. Give your students time to prepare and research. Prepare important topic that requires student to read and think.

Create small groups and ask them to come out with business ideas, business plan and how they want to sell product of their own. Ask them to make presentation and grade them based on originality then after executing their business plan, follow up with them about their experience running their own business in class.

Nowadays, there are too many leaders have misused their positions and responsibility, left people feeling betrayed. In many cases, employees are becoming their victims of irresponsible leaders. That is why we need leadership training to train and develop ones personality and skills to become great leader from the early stage.

Leadership class, training and development can shape optimist leaders, create a positive culture, maximized harmony and promote harmony. Leadership training is vital to train skills like integrity, honesty, courage, commitment, passion, confidence, determination, sensitivity, and positivity.

Leadership class and development is essential as it helps to determine which leadership styles suits your student for a bright future that leads our world.

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