Employee is always the important resources to a company where the success of the company is relying on the employees who work for it. However, you will also need a good, comprehensive and perfect management system to run the organization or company. it include the policies and procedures of operations, authority of management level, visions and missions, flows of work and others. Good employees and systems are needed to be guided or utilized by a leader or so called managerial person such as manager.

It could be many managers in a company where each of them is assigned to monitoring a specific department such as sales manager or accounting manager. Different manager will have different function on their job description, authority, operations and others. Their job is to make sure that their department is running smoothly and could hit the target or expectation of the company. It is like a puzzle, if one of the pieces is lost, the puzzle could not be completed; it is same to apply in company, if there is one department could not do well, it will drop the entire performance of the company. Thus, managers are very important whereby he or she is accountable to the performance of the particular department.

Skills, information, knowledge, technology and people are keeping changing along with the time. The information, technology and skills are keep updating or improving where we need to improve ourselves in order to pace with the changing environment.  Training and development courses are crucial that our employees are updated with the new information, skills and others; so do with the managers. Manager development is needed to those managerial people where they need to be one who first occupies with the latest information, skill, and technology than their subordinates. As they are the one who need to guide or teach or mentor their working subordinates in future.

You could hire external trainer for providing training course to your managerial person if the company have the sufficient budget for it. Otherwise, you could also provide internal training course to your managers. The course could be short term and long term depends on the content of the entire course. It could be some updated information or skills of the related industry where the managers need to know and update their subordinates. Or it could be professional course where the managers need to update themselves such as management course in order to improve their performance.

Manager development is the long term investment to the company where you need to invest money and time on training someone to become more to perfect and better in his or her performance. While, on short term, you might not see the effect of the manager development, but on long term side, you definitely could see the effect of it where it could improve the performance of the company.