When it comes to leadership, does gender really matters?  Is there any difference between women leaders and men? What makes unique qualities in women when they lead?

There are numbers of unique qualities of women when it comes to leadership compared to men. What are they?

Being more assertive and persuasive, stronger need to get things done and are willing to take risk even more than men are qualities trait by women leaders. Besides that, women leaders are more considerate and flexible. They have stronger interpersonal skills than their male workers.

Women tend to read situations more accurate because they consider things from different perspectives from all possible angles. They are sensitive towards their surroundings and emphatically understand others, so that others will feel supported and valued.

Women in leadership continues to be an important topic to managers so why do they recruit a balance of men and women into junior positions yet fewer women make it to the top for superior position?

Women have struggled more than men to climb to the top due to men who claim that they have the authority to lead. Women leaders tend to exit sooner and become young entrepreneur because they have to work and compete harder to stand as high as the male co-workers.

Women don’t like the fact that they have to use much energy to compete in higher position. Women in leadership skills have to develop their social networks inside and outside the organization to provide excellent and ensure women leader is well accepted into political agenda.

If companies improve on their chance to women in leadership roles, they are improving better opportunities for everyone. Companies will get to enhance their staff commitment and better long-term talent by realizing that people are normal human beings with family lives and work life. This is to create balance on both sides, satisfaction, appreciation for both staffs and companies for better relationship.

Domination as a leader nowadays has becoming less popular. It is good news to women because women tend to keep their team and treat them as families to make a change life of their communities, as a better leader compared to men.

Effective relationship is where women are naturally score because of their intuitive on how to get things done through others.  To make a difference to the world, one should maintain good relationship with others. The feminine way of leadership does help the world to understand about values that matters.

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