Most of us need to influence other people whether our boss to get their agreement to a holiday or a child to get them to eat their vegetables. The best influencers have good interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to get other people to want to give their support. The best negotiators are subtle, fair and know what to give away, when to make demands and how to compensate when there are difficulties.

Knowing what you want and discovering what others want are the keys to effective negotiation. The Influencing and Persuading Skills course will help you build skills and confidence to negotiate with others and develop persuading and influencing skills. By focusing specifically on the use of language and language patterns participants will learn a range of tools and techniques to enhance their communication skills in situations where they need to negotiate, persuade and influence effectively


  • Developing the mind-set of a confident influencer
  • The inner game of Influencing
  • Persuasive techniques
  • Commanding Influence
  • Influening People
  • Different styles and their impact on the influencing situation
  • Behavioural Styles
  • Group Activity
  • Strategy Sessions


  • Fully understand the current scope of their influence….which will be wider than they think
  • Recognise ‘unconscious’ situations which they may need to manage to position themselves as a person of influence
  • Define themselves clearly as ‘a person of influence’, and set personal objectives
  • Learn psychological techniques to mentally position themselves as a person of influence
  • Learn specific voice and body language skills which will help position them as people of authority, gravitas and influence
  • Understanding what motivates the other person…and what doesn’t
  • Understanding different styles and their impact on the influencing situation
  • Influencing in a group situation and how to tell a story of influence