Develop your talent as a motivational sales manager

This highly interactive motivational sales manager training provides the Sales Manager with effective tools for recruiting and coaching talented individuals.

The seminar is delivered by sales expert who did the job of a Sales Manager – and did it effectively for thirty years. Trainer has been developing the talents of Managers, Sales and Customer Service people and turning them into consistent top performers.

He knows the real challenges that managers face every day with their sales people. He’s used the ‘3 Secrets of Motivation’ taught in this seminar. They worked for him and they will work for you.

The programme is run in workshop fashion with team exercises and group discussion. Participants are encouraged to raise real life situations and discuss the challenges that they face

In Motivational Sales Manager training participants will learn:

  • To develop understanding of what motivates people at work
  • To develop coaching skills
  • To secure more sales
  • Define their role as a sales manager to include coaching and development.
  • Develop mutual trust and respect through coaching.
  • Deal with ineffective behaviour.
  • Empower people.
  • Describe performance.
  • Give confirming and productive feedback.
  • Help staff get what they want.

Who should attend motivational sales manager training?

  • Sales Managers and Team Leaders

Motivational Sales Manager training agenda:

  • Identifying the responsibilities of a manager/coach
  • How to coach on a Business level/Human level
  • The Coaching Plan
  • Feedback on effective/ineffective behaviour
  • The Pygmalion Effect in management
  • How each of us gives, takes and processes acknowledgement
  • The eight steps to effective feedback
  • Putting feedback in perspective
  • Human needs and motivation
  • Principles of motivation in the workplace
  • Identifying what motivates people at work
  • Helping your team get what they want

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