How to be a motivational salesperson

In the past five to ten years there has been dramatic change in the sales environment and the way customers do business. Markets around the world have become more competitive and customers need to make better buying decisions.

Most sales and business people are finding that their customers are more knowledgeable, more analytical and more demanding.

Sales and business people find themselves selling solutions instead of just products. They need to sell to a wider and higher level group of decision makers and become in the customers eyes, more of a business consultant and advisor. They need to motivate customers to buy.

In this how to be a motivational salesperson will learn:

  • To provide the 4 simple steps of successful sales call which are managed and directed by the salesperson – not the customer.
  • The goal is to reach a mutually beneficial decision that focuses on the customer’s needs
  • The difference between old and new style selling
  • The vital ingredient in sales
  • The psychology of sales
  • How to sell yourself
  • How to get an appointment
  • The 4 steps of the sale
  • How to motivate people to buy

How to be a  motivational salesperson training agenda:

  • A new type of salesperson: Old style selling v New style selling
  • Attitude – the vital ingredient: How to develop an attitude for success
  • Selling yourself: 10 steps that make an impact
  • The initial approach: Dealing with the gatekeeper and initial resistance
  • Planning each contact: Being prepared for resistance

4 simple steps to a successful sales call

1. The opening

2. Questioning

3. The presentation

4. Closing

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