How to deal with sales resistance

Dealing with resistance or objections is one of the biggest challenges faced by business people and one of the hardest parts of the sales process. However, that’s why sales people have jobs.

You can deal with resistance in a professional manner, and although you won’t win every time, you will have more success.

Trainer is a sales expert who, for the past seventeen years, has been developing the talents of Sales and Customer Service Staff and turning them into consistent top performers.

He is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author. He founded his business in 1993 and works with people and organisations to achieve business results through behaviour change.

How to deal with sales resistance: training objectives
To provide skills and strategies that will enable Sales people to deal with sales resistance and ‘close’ more sales

How to deal with sales resistance: training outcomes

• Why customers say “No”

• How to lay the foundation for a successful sales call

• How to make a presentation that will minimize resistance

• Three simple steps to deal with resistance

Who should attend How to deal with sales resistance

  • Managers, Sales and Customer Service People

How to deal with sales resistance outline agenda:

  • A new type of salesperson: Old style selling vs. New style selling
  • Attitude – the vital ingredient: How to develop an attitude for success
  • Selling yourself: 10 steps that make an impact
  • The initial approach: Dealing with the gatekeeper and initial resistance
  • Planning each contact: Being prepared for resistance
  • 4 simple steps to a successful sales call:

1. The opening

2. Questioning

3. The presentation

4. Closing

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