Six Sigma is probably the hottest improvement approach around today. Developed by Motorola, and applied by Boeing, Kodak, Digital and many others – it was the success enjoyed by GE that brought it to full industry attention. From manufacturing it then moved into the service sector with major verifiable cost savings and service improvements being achieved, in particular, in Financial Services. Later applications have covered all sectors, including the public sector.

This course, run by an international expert focuses on how to make the breakthrough in applying Lean Six Sigma within your own organisation, reap the full benefits that the methodology can provide, convince Senior Management and other stakeholders, and align implementation with corporate objectives.

Objectives of the training

The course aims to introduce the Lean Six Sigma approach, explain its potential, develop realistic options for implementation in Abu Dhabi and Regional organisations, and provide a platform for delegates to convince Senior Management and commence implementation.

Knowledge & Skills to be acquired

At the end of the training delegates will be able to;

  • Assess the appropriateness of the approach to their own organisation, and customise implementation
  • Identify, and where possible remove,  non-value adding activities and excessive variation
  • Plan and undertake basic Lean Six Sigma projects

Who should attend?

The training is applicable to delegates from functions including General Management, Strategy, Operations, Quality, Customer Service & Performance Improvement in all sectors, including Banking, the Oil Industry, Government, Manufacturing and the Service Sector.

Delegates successfully completing the course will be certified as Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belts.

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